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Sunrise River.

by Tyler Craft

The Marook (mah-roo-k) is a mammalian creature from an alternate universe.


  • Coarse Fur (Full length—3 feet, fully retracted—3 inches)
  • can fly but chooses not to.
  • has nub teeth (gapped and yellowed)
  • propels itself forward with fur
  • approximately 3ft tall
  • 9ft long tongue (dark pinkish, redish, purple with small hairs)
  • produces murky milk with 3 breasts on its back
  • microscopic ears and nose on its tongue
  • rough naked skin on underside
  • poisonous stinging fur
  • 1 to 4 all black eyes (the black holes that appear to be nostrils are eyes for extra sharp near site)
  • the eye lids close vertically
  • produces slimy substance to reduce friction while moving.

Art by Tyler Craft

Creatures Down Deep.  Stage #2—foreground color.

Art by Tyler Craft

edited by Gabrielle Craft

Creatures Down Deep.  Stage #1 without color.

The Big Man Up Stairs.

Dr. Seuss Study.

Sometimes when I get into a dry spell when making creative works I try to improve my style by copying some of my favorite artists.  Dr. Seuss was one of the first artists I ever looked up to.  These are from his book of ABC’s.  I had a lot of fun with these.

Drawings by Tyler Craft

Lifeline Installation Time Lapse.

Take-Off & Landing Show 7.20.13

LifeLine Installation.

twine wrapped around steel panel nails.

art by Tyler Craft


art by Tyler Craft

Señor Goop.

Art by Tyler Craft