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The MRF’s Upcoming EP
Dropping August 24th 2013

some ill sketches.

Cooking Our Own

By Matthew Romasanta

still haven’t gotten the hang of the tablet yet. but I’m trying.


Super “blank” Saturdays!
This week:
Super Fat Bruce Lee Saturday!
By Theillwizard.

Moleskin Drawings by TheillWizard.


I have been absent from the blog for quite some time now but I have not created any content to share with all of ya’ll, So for those who missed me here’s some new stuff. This is a preview to a comic for Where are my pants Wednesdays?! which I made recently.

What’s that reader? this preview sucks you say. Well the comic is pretty awesome so shut your mouth and come back to see the whole thing when it’s posted on Wednesday.



By Matthew Romasanta

Super (Blank) Saturdays! is Back!


Super (FEMINIST CHOLO) Saturday!

Super (Blank) Saturdays! is an illustration exercise that the Exploding Buffalo gang undertakes every Saturday evening. The way it works is simple…

1) Adjective or Adverb + 1) Noun = Interesting combination to illustrate.

We randomly select the combinations out of a couple of hats every Friday at our Secret Headquarters in Koreatown, CA. 

by Vladimir Santos

by theillwizard

by theFourThirtySeven aka Bad Knees Pelayie