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The Marook (mah-roo-k) is a mammalian creature from an alternate universe.


  • Coarse Fur (Full length—3 feet, fully retracted—3 inches)
  • can fly but chooses not to.
  • has nub teeth (gapped and yellowed)
  • propels itself forward with fur
  • approximately 3ft tall
  • 9ft long tongue (dark pinkish, redish, purple with small hairs)
  • produces murky milk with 3 breasts on its back
  • microscopic ears and nose on its tongue
  • rough naked skin on underside
  • poisonous stinging fur
  • 1 to 4 all black eyes (the black holes that appear to be nostrils are eyes for extra sharp near site)
  • the eye lids close vertically
  • produces slimy substance to reduce friction while moving.

Art by Tyler Craft

Creatures Down Deep.  Stage #2—foreground color.

Art by Tyler Craft

edited by Gabrielle Craft

The Big Man Up Stairs.

"One must trick death to enjoy life’s treats…"

4 More Days Till Halloween….

Exploding Buffalo Zine: Religion Issue VII

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Sixth Street Bridge.

by The Big Chief

One More Sunday

The next issue of EB Zine is upon us and here is a short story written by EB’s Jonathan Sheppard. 

Dr. Seuss Study.

Sometimes when I get into a dry spell when making creative works I try to improve my style by copying some of my favorite artists.  Dr. Seuss was one of the first artists I ever looked up to.  These are from his book of ABC’s.  I had a lot of fun with these.

Drawings by Tyler Craft

It Only Burns Forever

A lip stick smeared photograph

left dangling from her hand

Her love was now a discarded polaroid

that she couldn’t rip into pieces 

It only burns, she remembered

The flame so close to her fingers

It left a scar that stayed until her demise

But the polaroid refused to catch fire

She wondered if it was photo that refused

to burn of if it was her ex in the white frame

All the rest burned just fine, she thought

But the rest were parasitic jackals

who fed on her flesh to satisfy their craving

Everyone before this one had a smile

But this one had no smile or frown

He had a face that knew it was looming

Not the end of his life, but of the time

They had together which was a year

He wasn’t that special she’d say

And yet the photo refused to burn

The eyes in the photo haunted her thoughts

They would speak to her and define her

The cracked marble girl who embodied

A silent movie star yet continued to be

the center of every potent conversation

She knew that their relationship would fail

She was going to play him like a skipping

record stuck on Solitude by Billie Holiday

She played their greatest hits again and again

He wasn’t anything special, but he knew me

Nobody could see the frightened nightingale

hidden beneath her smile of concealed desertion

Her cry for intimacy was overshadowed by

her brightly feathered young body

The same she used to enslave and

betray the boy beyond his capacity

to forgive and forget

The photo is all that was left of him

It refused to burn like the rest, so

She buried it in her backyard and

hoped that it would decompose

Soon after a small plant grew out

from the spot, but it withered when

she tried watering it out of pity

Of course she found others to play with after

But nobody could find the melody of her music

Her solo would sail over waves of masculine dissonance

with a few moments of harmony that would go off key

Once, they had found each other in a super market

and couldn’t help but stare when the other wasn’t

She acted nonchalant as did he under sunglasses

But their hearts were beating at the same manic pace

They were too scared to utter a word much less

a wave of a hand to say hello or catch up

Her eyes were hidden behind lolita shades

not revealing the tears fighting to break out

His face was a hollow shell of ambiguity

Hiding the fact that he wished for this moment

They were both alone, inside and out

And with a deathly cough they disappeared

Never to see the other again except in memories

That night, she dug up the remnants of the photo

and discovered that it had changed

Now there was an old woman standing alone

She was neither smiling nor frowning

She kissed the photo and shed a tear

The girl drew a match from her pocket

putting the flame beneath the polaroid

Hoping that it might finally burn