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by The Big Chief


I am not going to amount to much

That’s what she told me

My dreams are a waste, they’re too tough

My ambition is weak

I was told that I am a low-life

Societies most dreadful and bleak

A magnet for ridicule and spite

"You will be nothing, no one to seek

And you will miss and regret not having me around”

Maybe I am nothing

And maybe I am a low-life hound

A person of poor character and of nothing

Someone who deserves humiliation and antipathy

But what I know for sure

Is that I won’t succumb to apathy

It has to matter what I have endured

This barrage of judgement about a life

A life that I am still living

A low-life, a scoundrel that no one will ever love, you are right

I am all you said unforgiving

You were only wrong about one risk

I am going to “miss and regret” not having you around, you say?

I only regret that you exist

by Jonathan Sheppard

First EB zine! Coming soon to a gallery and/or boutique near you!


Us humans who are genetically animals
Mammals we eat, sleep, we are great cannibals.
fighting for survival with big teeth mandibles
we are specimens who are so edible, interesting and incredible
but capable of being impedible
with the pros and cons of fitting in
us humans are afraid of rejection along the many men
for all the time we try to blend
to find the new trend amongst the many friends
living in this world to find companionship
come on yo let the loving, oh we let the love slip, take it, and just let it sit
in our lives we crave for that love shit.
why do we form relationships?
is it fear of loneliness.
We don’t hibernate, we mingle and communicate
how we easily get intimidated, how were are imitated.
How us humans affiliate in any place
each language and culture are all different in many ways.
we cut, copy, and paste what all other people say.
NAY or YAY, all day everyday we live in this cycle called LIFE!
We make babies with are husbands and wives.
black brown or white.
we all come in all shapes and sizes
producing another batch of humans just like us
From New York down to Texas back up to Los Angeles
Our species has its advantages.
are brains is what makes us
Oh how great the mind is so curious
different varieties of humans we so ambiguous
us people live in constant devastation
of events through our are whole nation
the population nature progressing, the civilization
going through tribulations and sufferings.
worrying about certain things, like are loved ones
and belongings.
How we are motivated, captivated, and driven smart intellectual human beings
To find a good way of living
LIFE aint on sale, there’s no price tag on it
take care of it, condone it, and not lone it
Shape it up and tone it
We all have our dreams and goals. the way life goes
the way we grow, we compose,
where humans are bottled up. so let the brain FLOW.

I am a human young Filipino man. Whose mind is bold
Still that brain needing to mold, through what?
THROUGH my Mind, Body, and Soul.

- Mark Franco

Fireworks By Lester Guijarro

Drinking in the dark with the warm air and the flashes of the fireworks in the night sky, the only scenery I have is my bottle of beer in front of me  

I throw noisemakers to the floor when I am not busy drinking or looking at the sight and sounds of families in the streets. Their children laugh with danger at any moment coming from a misuse of dangerous Mexican Fireworks.

Their echoes travel down the neighborhoods, to the main streets, to the city, and to world. To show that everyone is going crazy with embers tonight.

I am really only amused by th moments my lips taste the cheap beer and flattered by the sounds of silence.