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One More Sunday

The next issue of EB Zine is upon us and here is a short story written by EB’s Jonathan Sheppard. 

Realer Than Flesh


Black Coffee

One more cup of coffee

I don’t remember how many I’ve had

A typical morning

To get through this day without yawning

I need coffee to last

So I won’t get, I can’t get, sleepy

Another cup down the hatch

I am still working, work must be done

I won’t be sleeping anytime soon

A couple more cups a little past noon

Jittery me, sitting here writing for fun

Breaking only to ground beans for my coffee, black

   Into the night I write, as if it were day

   Awaiting another sleepless morning’s fray

"That was for Prop Joe." "We tryna do business and this nigga gettin’ all sentimental."