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Punk as fuck!

By Vladimir Santos

Flapjack Flapjack, come with me to a place called candied island

By: Bad K’nuckles Pelayo

Good times in Los Angeles. 

'Drive' Film Poster, Spanish Version

I made this painting for my buddy Leo’s 26th birthday. Its a spanish amalgamation of several of the english film posters with my buddy Leo serving as Ryan Gosling.

Cell Phone Picture.

Meduim: Ink and Watercolor.

9” x 11” Watercolor paper

By Vladimir Santos

This is a sneak peak of what I’m currently working on. 

This comic should be formatted and available in zine form by next week.

Woot! Where-Are-My-Pants-Wednesday!?

By Vladimir Santos

Crimson Ghost Dunk Vr. 2!

By Vladimir Santos

A Birthday Card! ›

I made this for my homie Otis on his 22nd birthday.

Its great if you love Breaking Bad, Pokemon, and are confused by ICP’s music video ‘Miracles’. 

Ink & Watercolor on Watercolor Paper

9 x 11.5

By Vladimir Santos

Aw yeah. Gonna start working on my Word is Bond Zine again. Issue #2 coming this summer! Its gonna run you like two or three bucks tho. You know I’m on those capitalistic pursuits, buster.  

By Vladimir Santos


It’s Monday so I thought I should post a picture of us working and stuff.

By Matthew Romasanta

I just got my computer back from computer purgatory, so I am super happy and relieved that a) it is ok and b) or eb) that I can continue to add to this awesome pool of creativity that is Exploding Buffalo. Let’s post it up!

By Vladimir Santos