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Sixth Street Bridge.

by The Big Chief

Realer Than Flesh


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by The Big Chief

Banned From All Bars is a poem by Exploding Buffalo comrade, Jonathan “Big Chief” Sheppard. You can find the poem in his book of poetry, Someone Sinister, available now from Exploding Buffalo Publishing on Create Space, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Tower, and at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA. 


Your love is all I’ll ever need
It is how I feed
Forgive me and my hate
But your love is my fate
I tried, my love, to let you go
Many times you know
But your love too strong
It always holds on
You knew that when years passed
That you’d only want me alas
What always confused me most
Is what you soon will boast
My ignorance, you’ll decree
Did not know that we’ll always be
Something that you always knew
Is that my hate would always be few
I love you with all of my heart
Just remember this poem’s start

Black Coffee

One more cup of coffee

I don’t remember how many I’ve had

A typical morning

To get through this day without yawning

I need coffee to last

So I won’t get, I can’t get, sleepy

Another cup down the hatch

I am still working, work must be done

I won’t be sleeping anytime soon

A couple more cups a little past noon

Jittery me, sitting here writing for fun

Breaking only to ground beans for my coffee, black

   Into the night I write, as if it were day

   Awaiting another sleepless morning’s fray

Lotería y se pierde.

by The Big Chief


by The Big Chief

by The Big Chief

Los Angeles

I am not from here

But I am

I can’t help but recognize how different I am

I also can’t help how I am the same

I love it here

I love the smell and the people

The other transplants who denigrate this city’s worth

I love them because they make me feel better

This beautiful city in the heart of old Mexico

This city undefined, vast in its indifference

I love Los Angeles 

There is no where else that means anywhere

I love Los Angeles

And if you don’t 

Let us walk you to the border gleefully 

For if you don’t love it here 

You hate yourself

by The Big Chief