Toned Down

By Matthew Romasanta

"One must trick death to enjoy life’s treats…"

4 More Days Till Halloween….

Night out on the town.

Exploding Buffalo Zine: Religion Issue VII

Black Coffee

by The Big Chief

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I woke up in a dream—hands drenched in blood. Eyes burning—almost shut.

Arms like rubber. 


He was dead. He was finally dead.

Praise the higher power who gave me the power to end his miserable life.

Good riddance. You are nothing, just after birth. Just a mistake and you won’t replace my true friend.

You make me wish hell was real.

Bloody, red, catharsis.

Looking Out For All Us Sinners

Sixth Street Bridge.

by The Big Chief

Static noise.

No one made sense and it was all noise. I did my best and that seemed to be good enough.

Other foot is where the shoe was and it fit fine. I’d been this person before, not as myself but I could see them, struggling to find similar words and get my stupid attention. 


You might as well have slapped American on my forehead, or so I thought. In many other instances people simply assumed I spoke French.

In many ways that’s refreshing. No preconceived notions it seemed and that was fine by me.

Written by Michael Lorenzo Porter