By Matthew Romasanta

Sunrise River.

by Tyler Craft


By Matthew Romasanta


By Matthew Romasanta

The Marook (mah-roo-k) is a mammalian creature from an alternate universe.


  • Coarse Fur (Full length—3 feet, fully retracted—3 inches)
  • can fly but chooses not to.
  • has nub teeth (gapped and yellowed)
  • propels itself forward with fur
  • approximately 3ft tall
  • 9ft long tongue (dark pinkish, redish, purple with small hairs)
  • produces murky milk with 3 breasts on its back
  • microscopic ears and nose on its tongue
  • rough naked skin on underside
  • poisonous stinging fur
  • 1 to 4 all black eyes (the black holes that appear to be nostrils are eyes for extra sharp near site)
  • the eye lids close vertically
  • produces slimy substance to reduce friction while moving.

Art by Tyler Craft

Creatures Down Deep.  Stage #2—foreground color.

Art by Tyler Craft

edited by Gabrielle Craft

Creatures Down Deep.  Stage #1 without color.

El Pescador Sin Señuelo

Midnight Coffee

Midnight Coffee

Keep me up

Midnight Coffee

Kept me up

Slosh through the bright and blinding sun

on my way to a job that’s just no fun

Drown out the sounds of daily routine

sleepwalk through life  

try not to be seen

Punch the clock  

kick off my shoes.

shake off the working class blues

A dream of flight 

A sleepless night

I take out the pad and write away

A kettle boils, steams and pops

Hot pot of coffee

Please help to fend sleep off 


By Michael Lorenzo Porter